Mushroom Picking

As befits the autumn season, we welcomed October with mushroom picking. On Friday, during working hours, we went to the forest near Mosina. We left our headquarters by bus in the morning hours. “Happy Bus” is the best term for the 40-minute time we spent on the way 😃.

The area where we found ourselves, was wonderful: the smell of the forest and nature encouraged us to walk. Mushrooms did not fall into the basket as often as we would like, but we managed to collect a little.

After mushroom picking, we went to dinner and a fire in a shed – specially prepared for these purposes. Surrounded by the smoke from the fire and the wonderful smells of the forest, we ate our meal in a very nice atmosphere.

The whole event was organized by a reliable team from ADVENTURE PLANET. It was idyllic and angelic, the more so that the weather did not disappoint.