In response to a customer requests, before preparation of a bid, we always start our job with the project of control concept and sellection of devices, which help us for the optimal realization of customer’s needs. We always try to take into consideration the economic possibilities of a customer and his preferences as to the equipment used. In the absence of guidance as to the specific hardware platform we select by ourselves the one that best meets his expectations, it means value for the possibilities will be the most optimal. However, we have always chose products only reputable suppliers of automation. Certainly, when we select the equipment we always try to pay attention to the possibility of future expansion of the system and thereby apply the solutions that we provide it without involving excessive measures in the future. At this level we present a real schedule of our work so that as closely as possible to rip at a later time preparatory work in the office with the preparation of the object / machine to run. Knowing well from our experience how sensitive is the time of system downtown for the investor, we try to think at the level concept about carrying out our work to reduce this time to a minimum.