Cooperation and references

We are aware that the image of the company made up of people who work in it. We try to make our engineers possess the widest technical knowledge in the field of automation engineering and related fields. We also strive to continuously develop this knowledge by participating in the trainings and taking more and more difficult implementation.

(PL) Mitsubishi
(PL) Yaskawa
Rockwell Automation
The Mitsubishi Electric Group operates on the corporate principle of contributing to creating a vibrant and affluent society by enhancing its technologies, services and creative powers, as a leader in the manufacture and sales of electric and electronic equipment used in Energy and Electric Systems, Industrial Automation, Information and Communication Systems, Electronic Devices and Home Appliances.
YASKAWA is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots. In addition to application-based variants such as welding, palletising, painting and handling robots, the broad range of robots includes robots designed for laboratory and clean room applications as well as top quality, turnkey automated welding systems.
AutomatedWithRA-300x167 Rockwell Automation and Allen Bradley are the global top company who provides automation solutions. They are distinguished by intuitive operation of the software and hardware. We try as often as possible to use their solutions, while raising our own qualifications. Close cooperation results in many flexible solutions, high quality, appreciated by customers around the world.
siemens1 Siemens is the global top company who provides automation solutions. The solutions are specifi by enormous possibilities of configuration and application but often they are not easy to implement. However, the reliability of these solutions is appreciated throughout the world. We try as often as possible to use the possibility of implementing solutions. Thanks to the cooperation we are able to offer high quality solutions for machine and process lines, providing flexible solutions.
logo-en Sometimes in our applications we use specific solutions to solve one particular problem. In this area with a help comes our Japanese company NED, which is able to offer the optimum solution application to a particular case. Thanks to our cooperation we have become a distributor of NED solutions in Poland for the tire industry.
solidworks-3d-cad-professional By investing in the department of mechanical engineering, as the main tool we chose SolidWorks software. As a result, we are able to construct and simulate our solutions prior to final realization. This area is not very flexible in terms of error, therfore 3D software can effectively minimize these errors.
indusoft1Many of our customers are looking for good and cheap solutions in SCADA systems. Our experience has taught us that in this area it is important to consider the possibilities offered by the software. The life cycle of such an application is relatively long and over the years it is always developed. If our customers are looking for the optimal price solution we offer them Indusoft software. In our opinion it is now very stable solution with high potential in an attractive price.
Wonderware_Logo The world’s leader of SCADA systems. Solutions which they offer, in many cases ahead of the competition. Therefore, we are trying to implement project always where the current products of the company are present such as Intouch or Platform System. The products have very good technical support and training in Poland provided by Astor company.
tech-system1Man in spite of advanced solutions constantly interact with machines, so we need to be sure to provide him with a safe way to perform their daily duties. We pay special attention to our solutions meet the necessary standards. Unfortunately, You cannot protect from everything therefore the compromises are needed. A dynamic change in this area means that we still need to expand our knowledge and skills. Our work has been recognized among global corporations. Their standards and high demands allow us to continually improve the quality of our work. With these companies, we can achieve a very difficult task.